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ShowtimeFilm NamePlotPosterDirectorRuntimeReleaseRating
Friday 1st 2pm Roman HolidayA bored and sheltered princess escapes her guardians and falls in love with an American newsman in Rome.William Wyler118Minutes1953UBOOK NOW
Friday 1st 9pm Blues brothers Jake Blues rejoins with his brother Elwood after being released from prison, but the duo has just days to reunite their old R&B band and save the Catholic home where the two were raised, outrunning the police as they tear through Chicago.John Landis133Minutes198015BOOK NOW
Saturday 2nd 11am Kids film Onward Two elven brothers embark on a quest to bring their father back for one day.Dan Scanlon102Minutes2020PGBOOK NOW
Saturday 2nd 8pm Private Party
Sunday 3rd 5pm Birdemic : Shock and terror A horde of mutated birds descends upon the quiet town of Half Moon Bay, California. With the death toll rising, Two citizens manage to fight back, but will they survive Birdemic?James Nguyen105Minutes201015BOOK NOW
Monday 4th? – Closed375Minutes2021100
Tuesday 5th Closed375Minutes2021100
Wednesday 6th 2pm Rescue dawn A U.S. fighter pilot’s epic struggle of survival after being shot down on a mission over Laos during the Vietnam War.Werner Herzog120Minutes200612ABOOK NOW
Wednesday 6th 8pm Dog Two former Army Rangers are paired against their will on the road trip of a lifetime. Briggs (Channing Tatum) and Lulu (a Belgian Malinois) race down the Pacific Coast to get to a fellow soldier’s funeral on time.101Minutes202212ABOOK NOW
Thursday 7th 2pm Alice doesn?t live here anymore A recently widowed woman is on the road with her precocious young son, determined to make a new life for herself as a singer.Martin Scorsese112Minutes197415BOOK NOW
Thursday 7th 7.30pm Rex Bale nightJulian Bream – classical guitarist, lutenist, lover of Django Reinhardt- style jazz and brilliant raconteur.  BOOK NOW
Friday 8th 2pm Private Party
Friday 8th 9pm Bat 21 During the Vietnam War, Colonel Hambleton’s aircraft is shot down over enemy territory and a frantic rescue operation ensues.Peter Markle105Minutes198815BOOK NOW
Saturday 9th 11am kids show Doolittle A physician who can talk to animals embarks on an adventure to find a legendary island with a young apprentice and a crew of strange pets.Stephen Gaghan101Minutes2020100BOOK NOW
Saturday 9th 2pm Charming the hearts of men A romantic drama set during the politically charged early 60s where a sophisticated woman returns to her Southern home town and discovers her options are limited yet discrimination is plentiful. With the help of a Congressional ally, she inspires historic legislation which allows opportunities and protections never before afforded to women.S.E. DeRose107Minutes2021100BOOK NOW
Saturday 9th 9pm Another round Four high school teachers consume alcohol on a daily basis to see how it affects their social and professional lives.Thomas Vinterberg117Minutes2020100BOOK NOW
Sunday 10th 6pm Fish and chips night followed by Killer Clowns from outer space (1988) Killer Clowns from outer space Aliens who look like clowns come from outer space and terrorize a small town.Stephen Chiodo88Minutes198815BOOK NOW
Monday 11th – ClosedClosed375Minutes2021100
Tuesday 12th Closed375Minutes2021100
Wednesday 13th 2pm The Mauritanian Mohamedou Ould Slahi fights for freedom after being detained and imprisoned without charge by the U.S. Government for years.Kevin Macdonald129Minutes2021100BOOK NOW
Wednesday 13th 8pm John dies at the end A new street drug that sends its users across time and dimensions has one drawback: some people return no longer human. Can two college drop-outs save humanity from this silent, otherworldly invasion?Don Coscarelli99Minutes201215BOOK NOW
Thursday 14th 2pm The lighthouse Two lighthouse keepers try to maintain their sanity while living on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890s.Robert Eggers109Minutes2019100BOOK NOW
Thursday 14th 8pm Female trouble A spoiled schoolgirl runs away from home, gets pregnant while hitch-hiking, and ends up as a fashion model for a pair of beauticians who like to photograph women committing crimes.John Waters89Minutes197418BOOK NOW
Friday 15th 2pm Cry macho A one-time rodeo star and washed-up horse breeder takes a job to bring a man’s young son home and away from his alcoholic mom. On their journey, the horseman finds redemption through teaching the boy what it means to be a good man.Clint Eastwood104Minutes2021100BOOK NOW
Friday 15th 9pm Don?t look up Two low-level astronomers must go on a giant media tour to warn mankind of an approaching comet that will destroy planet Earth.Adam McKay138Minutes2021100BOOK NOW
Saturday 16th kids show 11am Timmy failure  mistakes were made An 11-year-old boy who believes that he is the best detective in town runs the agency Total Failures with his best friend, an imaginary 1,500-pound polar bear.Tom McCarthy99Minutes2020100BOOK NOW
Saturday 16th 2pm Green book A working-class Italian-American bouncer becomes the driver of an African-American classical pianist on a tour of venues through the 1960s American South.Peter Farrelly130Minutes2018100BOOK NOW
Saturday 16th 9pm Mystic river The lives of three men who were childhood friends are shattered when one of them has a family tragedy.Clint Eastwood138Minutes200315BOOK NOW
Sunday 17th 6pm Babyteeth Milla, a seriously ill teenager, falls in love with a drug dealer, Moses, her parents’ worst nightmare.Shannon Murphy118Minutes2019100BOOK NOW
Monday 18th? – Closed?Closed?375Minutes2021100
Tuesday 19th? Closed?375Minutes2021100
Wednesday 20th 2pm House of Gucci When Patrizia Reggiani, an outsider from humble beginnings, marries into the Gucci family, her unbridled ambition begins to unravel their legacy and triggers a reckless spiral of betrayal, decadence, revenge, and ultimatelymurder.Ridley Scott158Minutes2021100BOOK NOW
Wednesday 20th 8pm Dark Star In the far reaches of space, a small crew, 20 years into their solitary mission, find things beginning to go hilariously wrong.John Carpenter83Minutes1974PGBOOK NOW
Thursday 21st? 2pm 12 Angry men The jury in a New York City murder trial is frustrated by a single member whose skeptical caution forces them to more carefully consider the evidence before jumping to a hasty verdict.Sidney Lumet96Minutes1957UBOOK NOW
Thursday 21st 8pm The power of the dog Charismatic rancher Phil Burbank inspires fear and awe in those around him. When his brother brings home a new wife and her son, Phil torments them until he finds himself exposed to the possibility of love.Jane Campion126Minutes2021100BOOK NOW
Friday 22nd? 2pm Parasite Greed and class discrimination threaten the newly formed symbiotic relationship between the wealthy Park family and the destitute Kim clan.Bong Joon Ho132Minutes2019100BOOK NOW
Friday 22nd? 9pm Attack of the killer tomato?s A group of scientists band together to save the world from mutated killer tomatoes.John De Bello83Minutes1978PGBOOK NOW
Saturday 23rd Kids show? 11am -? Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001)Harry Potter, a young wizard who discovers his magical heritage on his eleventh birthday, goes to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to learn magic.83Minutes2020100
Saturday 23rd 2pm Private party
Saturday 23rd 9pm Belfast A young boy and his working-class Belfast family experience the tumultuous late 1960s.Kenneth Branagh98Minutes2021100BOOK NOW
Sunday 24th 6pm The room BOOK NOW
Monday 25th? Closed375Minutes2021100
Tuesday 26tth? Closed375Minutes2021100
Wednesday 27th 2pm My octopus teacher A filmmaker forges an unusual friendship with an octopus living in a South African kelp forest, learning as the animal shares the mysteries of her world.System.Object[]85Minutes2020100BOOK NOW
Wednesday 27th 8pm The hater Dorothy, a liberal (!) environmentalist speechwriter on a U.S. Senate campaign, loses her job for a protest gone wrong. Wanting to get in on the action where it’s “really” happening (and, jobless), she returns to her conservative Texas hometown where she learns that her Republican childhood bully is running for state legislature. In this town, only Republicans can winJoey Ally107Minutes2022100BOOK NOW
Thursday 28th 2pm The blob A deadly entity from space crashes near a small town and begins consuming everyone in its path. Panic ensues as shady government scientists try to contain the horrific creature.Chuck Russell95Minutes198818BOOK NOW
Thursday 28th 8pm The French connection A pair of NYPD detectives in the Narcotics Bureau stumble onto a heroin smuggling ring based in Marseilles, but stopping them and capturing their leaders proves an elusive goal.William Friedkin104Minutes197118BOOK NOW
Friday 29th? 2pm The Father A man refuses all assistance from his daughter as he ages. As he tries to make sense of his changing circumstances, he begins to doubt his loved ones, his own mind and even the fabric of his reality.Florian Zeller97Minutes2020100BOOK NOW
Friday 29th
Private party
Saturday 30rd Kids show 11amThe call of the wild (2020)A sled dog struggles for survival in the wilds of the Yukon.Chris Sanders100Minutes2020100BOOK NOW
Saturday 30rd 2pm Nomadland A woman in her sixties, after losing everything in the Great Recession, embarks on a journey through the American West, living as a van-dwelling modern-day nomad.Chlo?? Zhao107Minutes2020100BOOK NOW
Saturday 30rd 9pm The worst person in the world The chronicles of four years in the life of Julie, a young woman who navigates the troubled waters of her love life and struggles to find her career path, leading her to take a realistic look at who she really is.Joachim Trier128Minutes2021100BOOK NOW